Welcome to the John Fawkner College Library Digital Collection. There are great range of resources available from the school site including the library and in classrooms on laptops, or from home. These resources are also available 24/7. These are very respected information sources and are a great place to start your research for school work.

The information in the World Book products is also generally of higher quality than searching the free web and better than Wikipedia. We hope you enjoy using these resources and find them of benefit for your studies here at John Fawkner College.

An excellent all-round information resource that attempts to cover the breadth of human knowledge. A great place to start your research on all topics.

  A sensational place to begin your research on all environmental and sustainability issues. Includes reliable, trustworthy data.

  A fantastic resource for investigating the great inventions and scientific discoveries throughout history.

  Features comprehensive coverage of the world’s early civilisations on all continents.


  EarthTrends is a database that focuses on the environmental, social, and economic trends that shape our world

  Provided by the National Library of Australia, this is an excellent collection of historical images from Australia’s past.

  A basic, clear and accurate guide to the law in Victoria. Please note that this is no substitute for professional legal advice.

An online dictionary of computer and technology terms. Also offers quite detailed explantions of these terms in plain, easy-to-understand language.

John Fawkner College has the excellent digital content management system, Clickview. You can view Clickview on all student computers including the netbooks. Using the Clickview ‘School Bag’ you can also save videos to your memory stick for home viewing. Click this link to go to a webpage with online tutorials instructing on how to use Clickview.

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