The Horizon’s Program

The Horizon’s Program is a well-established joint venture between our college and Minter Ellison Lawyers. This exciting program offers students many unique and highly valuable opportunities. Select students from year 9 are paired with mentors from Minter Ellison Law Firm to develop goal setting and communication skills. Many students previously involved in the program have gone on to complete work experience at Minter Ellison or their associates and one previous student secured employment with the firm.

The program allows students to meet with their mentors on a fortnightly basis over term 3 and 4. Each fortnight, student’s travel to Minter Ellison Law Firm set in Rialto Towers, where they meet their mentors to partake in workshops. The workshops allow mentors to share experiences and guide students in areas such as goal-setting, financial literacy, interview skills and employability skills. The information exchange between student and mentor throughout the program indirectly encourages development of confidence, commitment, communication and public speaking skills.

Ms Anne-Marie Anderson


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