Reciprocal Visit With Melbourne Grammer

John Fawkner College (JFC) and Melbourne Grammar School (MGS) have collaborated to offer students a unique perspective of each other. The partnership was established in 2011 and it has allowed the opportunity for cultural exchange to take effect between students, under the Reciprocal Visit Program.

A pilot program for the partnership was initiated in May 2011. 26, Year 12 students from both schools (13 from each school) were brought together for an introductory session at JFC. MGS students were appointed a JFC buddy and they were given the opportunity to discuss shared experiences of year 12 and develop suggestions for further effective study. MGS students were also given the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a JFC student. Following the session at JFC, JFC students spent a day at MGS under a similar structure.

The success of the pilot program in 2011 allowed for the same opportunity to be put forward to our year 9 students in the same year and the program has been continuing ever since. The Reciprocal Visit Program has facilitated a progressive relationship between the two schools and the shared opportunities across both schools continue to evolve.

These programs are so successful with both schools because of the fantastic work the teachers do behind the scenes to ensure students from both schools feel comfortable an d at ease in a different environment.

Ms Anne-Marie Anderson

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