Primary to High School Transition

Naplan 2013

At John Fawkner Secondary College, we understand that starting high school can be an exciting but sometimes overwhelming experience for a teenager. There are many things about high school that are different from your old primary school environment, and you will experience many changes. Some of the challenges faced by year 7 students are: having to find their way around a new school, reading timetables, making new friends and getting to know new teachers. Although these are all big changes, they are nothing you cannot handle. There are many different staff at John Fawkner Secondary College available to help you deal with any problems. Your teachers and friends are there to help you transition into this great new time in your life. High school may be a time of change, but these changes should be for the better.

Activities between feeder schools and JFC

At John Fawkner Secondary College, we provide many opportunities for students to visit the school over the years including primary visits for soccer and netball competitions, maths and science lessons, Dance and Drama workshops. Teachers and John Fawkner secondary College students make visits to our local primary schools as part of the Passport to High School Program. In our Passport Program, students learn to read a timetable, use a combination lock for their locker, use a school planner and lesson times, and to tie a school tie. They are also given school tours so the school grounds become a little familiar.

A parent Information Evening is organised during October, for Parents and students to learn more about their school of choice.


During the first week of year 7, an orientation program helps students to learn the skills needed for an easy transition. Regular classes do not begin until the program shows students once again how to read a timetable, use their school planner, work their locks and lockers, where the canteen is, how the school day is divided up, where the classrooms are and how to organise their books. Students will meet their home group teacher, Year Level Coordinator, School Nurse, and Principal. During this week, Icebreaker
are also played so students are able to form new friendships. Gradually students are eased into a regular school day. Considerations of year 7 student needs are given by ensuring they are dismissed earlier to the school canteen and a more private area for year 7 lockers.

For Parents

John Fawkner Secondary College, also understands that parents are also anxious for their child at this time, so we welcome parents to stay on the first school day for a cup tea and a chat with the Principal and staff. A Family BBQ is organised in the second week of the new school year for new families to connect with other families, and staff. This is also an opportunity for students and parents to ask questions that may not have yet been answered.


Here are some quotes from our current Year 7 about their experience of starting at John Fawkner Scondary College:

When I started at this school, I was shy but when I saw my friends they introduced me to others. I think this school is a good school and everyone is friendly.

Keren   Year 7

When I started at  this school ,we had 2 orientation days.  We played games that built up our confidence and helped us remember each other’s names. The teachers are friendly and really care about everything that happens. This school is absolutely outstanding.

Emily Year 7

When I started at John Fawkner, I was really nervous about it because everyone was bigger and taller than me and I was scared that I would get bullied, but the first week of school was the best. All the teachers are nice and caring. We do lots of fun activities (for example on Thursdays we have physical challenges). I would love to stay here for ever and ever. I know everyone at school now and school is getting better and better every day.

Skye Year 7

When I was told I was going to John Fawkner secondary College, I was very happy. The school helped me make friends and helped me a lot with my education.

Con Year 7

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