Dear Parents.

Year 10 students attending school this week will be given a consent form to receive the meningiococcal vaccination free of charge.

Meningiococcal is an infection that can invade the brain and nervous system. The effects of meningiococcal infection can lead to loss of limbs, deformity, brain damage and death. Please consider consenting to have your year 10 child immunised against this disease by signing the consent form and returning it to the school before Friday 21st June.

Even if you do not wish for your child to receive the meningiococcal vaccination, please fill out the form stating this so that Vic Health can keep track in case of an outbreak.

Kind Regards,
Jeremy Fiske | Secondary School Adolescent Health Nurse |
Health, Wellbeing & Specialist Services Branch
North-Western Victoria Region | Regional Services Group
Department of Education and Training

M: 0421 050 854
A: 189 Urquhart Street Coburg VIC 3058 | Locked Bag 2001 Coburg VIC 3058