On the 24th of May, 2019, the Year 12s had the privilege to see the famous Australian playwright and newspaper columnist Hannie Rayson at Blackburn High School. The Year 12 students were invited to the school to listen to Rayson’s explanation and description of one of her most significant plays ‘Extinction’. ‘Extinction’ was studied by the year 12s during the beginning of the schooling year. Thus, this was a great opportunity for students to engage with deep insight in to the play and delve in to critical discussions about the themes, characters and inferences. Overall, it was an informative session to see Rayson talk about her play, and a very joyous experience for the students and staff members who attended.

Year 12’s listening carefully to Hannie Rayson

Comments and feedback from students:

Having the experience to see the Author Hannie Rayson in real life and hear her own thoughts and responses to the story really helped us to connect to the novel Extinction and have a deeper understanding of the play.
– Hailey

Listening to Hannie Rayson allowed us to understand the background of the play as well as how the characters came about. Students were given time to take notes and ask questions to clarify any misunderstandings.
– Radiyah Rahman