The College Library provides a hub of exciting activity all day. It offers a stimulating and collaborative learning space for our community.

The Library, and its staff, embrace the College’s commitment to the development of well-rounded learners whilst being actively involved in the teaching and learning programs of the College.

The Library provides for diverse teaching and learning styles; these include comfortable lounge style wide reading areas, a teaching and research zone equipped with projector and computers.


The College takes pride in its Library, which is staffed by teacher librarians who are passionate about supporting the staff and students with their information and reading needs. Our dedicated staff are professionals with teaching and information management qualifications. Staff offer a welcoming environment where discussions with individual students about their reading are commonplace throughout the day. Positive learning relationships are also fostered with students who regularly seek assistance with writing and other library related tasks.

Research & Information

The Library is a gateway to the world of inquiry. We assist students with access and interpretation of information. It is important that are students are literate, critical thinkers in a world saturated by information. Teacher librarians run lessons that form a vital component of research investigation throughout the college.

The Library’s resources are both print and digital. Digital resources can be accessed remotely from the comfort of your home as well as school.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.00pm