Learning through football and learning for life

The Sports Industry Pathways Program is the academic program designed by the College which allows for students passionate in any area of sport to interact with passionate teachers with a background in the Sports Industry.

Themed learning occurs across the College to allow for students who are particularly interested in learning in a way that suits them best and is aligned with the Australian Standards for education.

Hyundai A League club, Melbourne City FC and John Fawkner College are joined in a unique partnership in football development and academic education. The Melbourne City College of Football is designed to excite and engage students with a passion for football in their academic studies.

The innovative school curriculum program is designed to meet the needs of Australian secondary school children who would like to forge a path in professional football and the sports industry.


Combine your Football with your Learning at School

For those Year 7-12 male and female students who aspire to play elite football, the Melbourne City College of Football program is a football training initiative that allows students enrolled in the College to be trained by elite coaches from Melbourne City at least 3 times per week.

The elite component of this program is designed by qualified Melbourne City FC coaching staff and gives students access to a genuine pathway into the National Premier League and National Youth League Pathway at Melbourne City.