John Fawkner College is a successful learning community

We are a school committed to developing every child, helping them grow into successful, goal-orientated and independent thinkers.

At John Fawkner College we assist students to recognise the talents they themselves may not have recognised. We deepen their desire for education and set them on pathways not previously imagined. Educationally, socially, physically, artistically: by any degree John Fawkner College is a great school. A school that is committed to assisting students reach their potential. John Fawkner College is a successful learning community built on the strengths of high academic achievement and a strong community focus, and as a result we are continuing a period of sustained improvement at our College.


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Open Night

Wednesday April 17 2024, 6:00 -8:00PM
Our evening will include a welcome from Executive Principal, Dr. Lisa Vinnicombe.
Presentations and displays from all subject areas.

Presentation from Melbourne Victory Football about new partnership

As part of the John Fawkner College experience, we invite you to enjoy some light refreshments upon conclusion of the evening.
On-street parking is available on Jukes Rd.

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