The facilities at John Fawkner College are designed to allow students and teachers to work in engaging, differentiated and innovative ways.

The use of our 1-1 device program is supported by ICT infrastructure and ensures that all students can access technology when at school. To support this, the College employs a local technician who supports students and teachers with the use of technology for learning.

In recent years, John Fawkner College has undergone $3.5 million worth of facility upgrades. This includes $1.1 million synthetic FIFA standard soccer pitch and the $2 million learning centre. There have also been upgrades to the library and gymnasium.

Every classroom is equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard and Data Projector. Further, each classroom and teaching space is fully air-conditioned and heated.

The College grounds are extensive and fully landscaped. These well maintained grounds are an important part of the student experience at John Fawkner College.

The College also makes use of our local community facilities to support learning at John Fawkner. This includes the local community library, Fawkner Leisure Centre and local athletics complex.