John Fawkner College caters for a diverse student population, with students coming from a wide geographical area.

The College has a growing student population including students from our International Program which adds diversity and supports the provision of a broader academic curriculum. There are over 40 nationalities represented in the culturally diverse student population and approximately 44% of the students speak a language other than English at home. The English as an Additional Language (EAL) program is vibrant and extensive.

At John Fawkner College we are working together to enable all students to achieve their potential and become confident, effective learners who contribute productively to society. Our school vision is underpinned by our core values which guide our daily work.

Whilst the College has a strong academic focus, there is an emphasis on ‘whole child’ education and meeting the learning needs of all students. There is ongoing and prominent attention given to the role of each and every teacher in supporting the needs of individual students and organisational emphasis is given to teams of staff working more closely with particular groups of students, especially in the middle years.

A strong College-wide student wellbeing focus is led by a Student Wellbeing Leader and enhanced through support of a College Wellbeing Team. The College has 2 sub-schools, Junior (Years 7 to 9) and Senior (Years 10 to 12), which cater for the needs of all students and reinforce College values and expectations. The Sub-schools form the basis of a well-defined student management structure.

A wide range of curricula and co-curricular activities engage and provide opportunities for students at all levels. There are numerous sporting opportunities, an exemplary Instrumental Music program and a Performing Arts program available to students. There is an extensive Student Leadership Program with an active SRC and captains in both the Senior and Middle schools, a Peer Mentoring Program for students and numerous wellbeing programs operating throughout the year.

The College also offers a range of out-of-school opportunities for students, including national and international leadership, sporting and academic opportunities, school camps at Years 7, 9 and 11, and regular international experiences. Not only is there a comprehensive academic VCE curriculum, students also have access to a range of VET units, as well as to VCAL through broader network links.

In 2017, the College underwent a very successful review and created the new College Strategic Plan. This Plan has a major focus on enhancing ‘teacher effectiveness’ and ‘improving student outcomes.’ This reflects the importance placed on developing a student-centred culture and on developing the necessary teacher skills to provide personalised/differentiated teaching to meet the learning needs of individual students. At the same time the College has adopted a Positive Learning Framework and restructured our curriculum offerings to maximise student opportunity and engagement.

The College is proud of its facilities and grounds. The maintenance of attractive garden areas and the provision of extensive recreation spaces, some with shade sails provide for excellent outdoor spaces. The College also boasts a full size synthetic grass soccer pitch and FIFA grade pitch. Our sporting facilities support the Melbourne City College of Football partnership and is a successful part of the College. Further to this the College is currently involved in a refurbishment and rebuilding program. Renovations include a refurbished library, refurbished student toilets, science facilities, multi-purpose learning areas and middle years precincts, relocatable classrooms, wood/metal technology facilities, ICT facilities, art/textile facilities, administration/staff areas, general purpose classrooms.

The College is an exciting place for students and staff. The ongoing emphasis on developing a student-focused culture and the skills necessary for personalising teaching, the provision of a broad range of programs and opportunities for students, together with the excellent facilities and their ongoing development, make for a very positive environment which attracts and supports both students and staff.