Principal Class

Mark Natoli – Principal
David Casas – Assistant Principal

Leading Teachers

Maria Hristova – Teachers as Leaders of Learning

Russell Wigginton – Students as Learners

Daniel Campbell – Student Engagement

Josie Costanzo – Community of Learners (Student and Community Voice)

James Tonna – Community of Learners (SWPBS and Pastoral Care)


Year Level Coordinators

Year 7 Coordinator – James Tonna
Year 8 Coordinator – Graham McKee
Year 9 Coordinator – Ercan Hasip
Year 10 Coordinator – Milos Subotic
Year 11 Coordinator – Paul Castelli
Year 12 Coordinator – Kieran McDowell

Student Services

Anthony Ricciardo – Student Wellbeing Coordinator
Lisa Ricciardo – Student Wellbeing Coordinator