Principal Class

Lisa Vinnicombe – Principal

Cemal Hakki – Assistant Principal (Student Wellbeing and Engagement)

Maria Hristova – Assistant Principal


Leading Teachers

Ms Michelle Grabowski: Leading Teacher – Curriculum

Ms Kaitlin Richards: Leading Teacher – Instructional Leadership

Ms Sarah Afif: Leading Teacher – Transitions and Community Engagement

Mr Will Taylor: Leading Teacher – Inclusive Education

Ms Carla Panozzo: Acting Leading Teacher – Student Agency and Leadership

Mr Maurice Colin: Senior School Leader

Ms Jeanette Barry: Learning Specialist – Literacy


Year Level Coordinators

Ms Sarah Afif – Year 7 Learning Coach

Mr Harold Lawless – Year 8 Learning Coach

Mr Alexander Byers – Year 9 Learning Coach

Mr Nicholas Thorup- Year 10 Learning Coach

Mr Luke Rokich – Year 11 Learning Coach

Mr Maurice Colin – Year 12 Learning Coach