Information Technology is a central feature of the learning environment at the College.

All students in each year level are expected to purchase their own laptop through our 1-1 bring your own device program. This enables all students to access the teaching and learning programs at all times – including at home.

The College also has several dedicated computer rooms which are equipped with computers for instruction in the use of more specialised computer applications, and all classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards, which are now embedded features in the College’s teaching and learning practices.

Notebook Program

Schools today face increasing pressure to remain up to date of the latest development in ICT and understanding how it aligns with the Curriculum. After extensive review, the College decided in 2014 the best way to equip our students was to introduce notebook computers, and this program applies to all students in 2017. The Notebook Program saves parents the
unnecessary expense of having to purchase expensive textbooks and other resources. The majority of students’ needs will be in easy reach in their own personal computer device.
In order to support students and parents with the Notebook Program, the College commissioned the services of JB Hi–Fi Educational Division to coordinate and oversee the program. JB Hi-Fi is the direct contact for parents when dealing with the purchasing or leasing of the device. The College IT technician will continue to support students with all the software
and program installations. If you require further assistance, please feel free to contact our college IT technician.

Online Portal

JB Hi-Fi Education SolutionsJB Hi-Fi Education Solutions have designed an online portal which is powered by product feeds from major distributors and the JB Hi-Fi retail portfolio of products. The website features a simplified navigation panel with ease-of-use functionality, allowing parents to order their device bundled with warranty, accessories and insurance in a prompt, secure manner.

Visit JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions