At John Fawkner College, we view student leadership as the qualities demonstrated by students that benefit their peers, the school and the wider community.

The Student Leadership Program at John Fawkner College, provides a targeted approach to developing students personal and leadership skills through various leadership roles, programs and activities.


Leadership Roles

Formal student leadership positions at John Fawkner College aim to provide authentic leadership opportunities. Student Leadership roles available at the college include:

  • School Captains
  • School Vice-Captains
  • House Captains
  • Class Captains
  • Student Representative Council

These positions of responsibility provide students with targeted leadership skills development through regular formal meetings and workshops, which may include: school based training, guest speakers, external agencies and conferences and opportunities to participate in school council, subcommittees, focus groups and interviews.


Leadership Programs

Student Leadership Events

John Fawkner College has forged valued connections and partnership with organisations such as:

  • Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN)
  • Grip Leadership
  • Oxygen Youth Centre
  • Peer Support Australia Program
  • Reach
  • VicSRC

Our network of organisations provide a number of programs throughout the year that are committed to promoting personal development, employability skills, leadership skills and educational and vocational advice. The benefits of these programs include: providing students with a greater understanding of their educational and vocational choices, networking with students with similar interests from outside schools, meeting professionals from a range of industries and mentoring opportunities.


Leadership Opportunities

Across the school year, there are a range of programs, activities and camps that allow opportunities for student involvement in a leadership capacity, such as:

  • Fundraisers
  • Parent Information Sessions
  • JFC School Production
  • JFC School Tours
  • Local community initiatives e.g. Fawkner Festa by Moreland Council, Community Grocer by Merri Health
  • Major School events
  • Orientation programs
  • School Assembly
  • School Camps

These programs, activities and camps promote the development of communication, confidence, team-work, empathy, creativity, accountability, resilience and perseverance.