John Fawkner College has a clear focus of achieving 1 year’s growth in every years learning and sets high expectations for the learning of all students.

To achieve this along with our vision and values, there are several strategic documents and policies that guide the work we do. These documents are found on this page and can be accessed by the community at any time.

Please click on any of the links provided on this page to download the documents.

Child Safe Code of Conduct (.pdf 182 KB)
Child Safe Policy (.pdf 205 KB)
College Vision & Values (.pdf 805 KB)
The are currently no documents in this category.
VCE Booklist 2018 (.pdf 314 KB)
Year 10 Booklist 2018 (.pdf 290 KB)
Year 10 SIPP Booklist 2018 (.pdf 285 KB)
Year 7 Booklist 2018 (.pdf 291 KB)
Year 8 Booklist 2018 (.pdf 291 KB)
Year 9 Booklist 2018 (.pdf 289 KB)