John Fawkner College prides itself on being an inclusive community where all students are given equal opportunities to learn.

Students funded under the Program for Students with Disabilities are part of our school community and opportunities are provided for them to experience mainstream education meaningfully and appropriately.

The school currently employs a Wellbeing Coordinator whose role includes overseeing aides who assist students with special needs to access the curriculum. Aides support students in a variety of classes to ensure their academic progress, the development of their social skills and their safety in practical subjects. The Integration Faculty also supports the transitions students with special needs face including the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 and from secondary school to post schooling education or employment.

All of our funded integration students have Individual Education Plans and modified reports in which teachers demonstrate the learning goals for the student and detail their successes and areas for improvement. Regular contact is maintained between parents and the school to ensure the special needs student is supported and experiencing a meaningful education.