Guide to On-site Learning

The school in currently in the process of identifying students that may require on-site learning. Only families that meet the Department’s threshold for on-site learning will be notified. Parents and carers who meet the threshold for on-site learning will be asked to complete an Attendance Application Form each week, prior to their child attending on-site.

Step One

  • Consider the information with respect to your personal situation. On-site learning will only be available for children whose parents meet the Department’s threshold. These families are being identified and notified by the school.

Step Two

  • Download and complete the On-site Attendance Application Form indicating the days or part-days you require your child/ren attend school on-site.
  • Submit the On-site Attendance Application Form to the school by 3:00PM, Thursday (this process needs to be completed each week).
  • Applications should be sent to the school email address:

Step Three

  • On receipt of the submitted form, the school may contact you to ensure the application is complete.
  • If the school is satisfied the request meets the Department’s threshold of the student being on-site, they will confirm attendance with the parents/carers and proceed to make the necessary logistical arrangements.
  • It is vital that you make the school aware of any health issues relating to your child who will be attending on-site (for example, Anaphylaxis).

Weekly Timeline

The school will determine attendance in advance each week to support adequate staffing.

  • BY 3:00PM THURSDAY: Eligible parents/carers are to submit the application form with the required days/times for the following week.
  • BY CLOSE OF BUSINESS FRIDAY: The school will confirm arrangements with parents/carers.